Haojun Jia

Haojun Jia

Chemistry PhD

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Haojun joined the Kulik group in November 2019 as a Ph.D. student in Physical Chemistry. He obtained his B.S. in Physics from Jilin University and National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (dual bachelors in both China and Russia) in 2019. Looking back to his undergraduate research, he worked on designing 2D piezoelectric materials, phase transition sequence under high pressure, surface science and gas phase chemistry. He is now working on spin-state dependent properties of single atom catalysts.

  • catalysis
  • single atom catalysts
  • catalyst design
  • BS in Condensed Matter Physics, 2019

    National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

  • BS in Physics, 2019

    Jilin University


  1. Leveraging natural language processing to curate the tmCAT, tmPHOTO, tmBIO, and tmSCO datasets of functional transition metal complexes (2024)
  2. React-OT: Optimal Transport for Generating Transition State in Chemical Reactions (2024)
  3. Computational Discovery of Codoped Single-Atom Catalysts for Methane-to-Methanol Conversion (2024)
  4. Benchmarking Nitrous Oxide Adsorption and Activation in Metal-Organic Frameworks Bearing Coordinatively Unsaturated Metal Centers (2024)
  5. Accurate transition state generation with an object-aware equivariant elementary reaction diffusion model (2023)
  6. Modeling the roles of rigidity and dopants in single-atom methane-to-methanol catalysts (2022)