Yael Cytter

Yael Cytter

Research Scientist


Yael joined the group as a postdoc in February 2020. She received her Ph.D. at Hebrew University of Jerusalem with Prof. Roi Baer. Her dissertation was focused on a stochastic approach to thermal density functional theory within the warm dense matter regime. In the Kulik group, she worked on the interface of electronic structure method development with machine learning methods.

  • electronic structure theory
  • strongly correlated systems
  • machine learning
  • PhD in Chemistry, 2020

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem


  1. Insights into the deviation from piecewise linearity in transition metal complexes from supervised machine learning models (2023)
  2. Ligand Additivity and Divergent Trends in Two Types of Delocalization Errors from Approximate Density Functional Theory (2022)
  3. Large-scale comparison of 3d and 4d transition metal complexes illuminates the reduced effect of exchange on second-row spin-state energetics (2020)